[KPhotoAlbum] Feature request: Ability to add version to image

Shawn Willden shawn-kimdaba at willden.org
Mon Apr 23 21:02:00 BST 2007

On Monday 23 April 2007 13:43, Georg St. wrote:
> There is one thing that I miss in KPhotoAlbum.
> The ability to add a version to an image.

This is a good idea, and an oft-requested one.  Besides the issue you mention 
it's also the logical solution for those who like to shoot in RAW and so have 
the RAW original plus one or more JPEGs derived from it.

As it's been discussed, it would also be good if the solution could address 
images that are derived from multiple photos, such as stitched panoramas.  In 
that case the "top" photo on the stack would be the combined image, with the 
constituent images "below" it, even though it was created from them rather 
than vice versa.

All that's lacking is:

(1)  Some ideas about how to structure the UI so that creating these linkages 
is simple and easy; and

(2) Someone with time to implement it.


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