[KPhotoAlbum] Feature request: Ability to add version to image

Georg St. kphotoalbum at mail.nospamplease.net
Mon Apr 23 20:43:23 BST 2007

Hello Jesper and hello to all the other developers,

thanks a lot for your great program KPhotoAlbum. As I started to enter
all the information to my photos my wife told me I'm crazy. Now she says
to me that it's great and she can easily find the images she is looking
for.  :-) 

I tried some more programs but with none I could enter the information
that easily and that fast!

There is one thing that I miss in KPhotoAlbum.

The ability to add a version to an image.

I have more versions of one and the same picture, e.g. one with fixed
red eyes, one cropped, one in the Gimp XCF format and the original one
All these images belonging together, but it's not possible to tell this
KPhotoAlbum. I see them all together side by side in the preview window.

I would like to tell KPhotoAlbum the following:
- That certain images are belonging together.
- That only one chosen image of these belonging images should be showed.

KPhotoAlbum could mark those images by adding something to the preview
that makes it look like a stack.

Best Regards,
Georg St.

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