[KPhotoAlbum] How do you develop with KPA/Qt

Henner Zeller h.zeller at acm.org
Thu Apr 19 08:05:57 BST 2007


> But I'm wondering if I could get the same level of feature I have with
> Eclipse in Java (yes, that's my language at work :)).

Unfortunatly, these kind of features are more rarely found for C++,
since C++ is almost impossible to parse (while its easily possible to
write a complete parser for Java in one afternoon, the same endeavor
will take you at least half a year for C++ :-( And even then its

However, there are approximate solutions for emacs, that can basically
index the code and provide for quick search: etags. Never used it
myself (I am an old-school bare GNU-emacs user), but many people can
not work without it.

> With emacs, is there  the equivalent of those features? I use it every day
> when developping Java:
> * autocomplete,

There is a very simple autocomplete function that just looks in the
current file for matching words (usually bound to M-/ (in emacs-speak,
otherwise known as Alt-/)). But as I said, this only looks into the
current file. It works out of the box and doesn't require etags to be
set up.

> * be able to go a method definition by clicking on it?
> * finding class by name by typing it in a special box,
> * find all the places where a given method is called

These features should be covered by etags.

> * see the documentation of a method in a tooltip when flying over it
I am not sure about this one.

Having said that, I always wanted to write some useful tool that does
all this for C++; implementation would be running as server that gets
the source directories and can be asked by editors via a socket
connection - thus its trivial to write interfaces to
emacs/vi/whatever. However, the half-year of writing a decent parser
always turned me off.
Anyone who wants to participate ?

> Or else, I could also try using the eclipse CDT.

You might want to look as well at kdevelop http://www.kdevelop.org/ as
well. AFAIK, they try to provide similar features. Have never tried
it, though.
Give feedback to the list once you decided .. would be interesting.


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