[KPhotoAlbum] How do you develop with KPA/Qt

Shawn Willden shawn-kimdaba at willden.org
Thu Apr 19 12:25:08 BST 2007

On Thursday 19 April 2007 00:18, Baptiste MATHUS wrote:
> * autocomplete,


In some ways it's not as good as Eclipse's autocompletion, because it's not 
context sensitive.  On the other hand, in some cases I find I have to type 
out things in Eclipse that I could autocomplete in EMACS.  The EMACS 
auto-completion just searches the files you have open for completions.

> * be able to go a method definition by clicking on it?

Put your cursor on it and hit Meta-. ("clicking", bah.  Don't make me take my 
hand off the keyboard ;-) ).

You first have to run "make tags" to set up the tags database.  This doesn't 
work as well for KPA as for most projects, because of the heavy use of 
namespaces, and the fact that there are lots of duplicated method names.  I 
think there may be a way around that, but I'm not sure yet.  This is the 
first codebase I've worked on that so frequently overloads names.  All good 
C++ code does, but most my my serious C++ development was pre-namespaces, so 
I haven't yet figured out how to handle modern C++ code.

> * finding class by name by typing it in a special box,

Also Meta-.  

Rather than lookup up what your cursor is sitting on, you can type something.

> * see the documentation of a method in a tooltip when flying over it

Not that I know of.

> * find all the places where a given method is called

Meta-x tags-search will search through all of the source files.  In some ways 
this isn't as nice because it's a full-text search, but in other ways it's 
better because t's a full-text search (that supports regexps, BTW).

> Or else, I could also try using the eclipse CDT.

I haven't tried it.  For Java I use a mixture of Eclipse and EMACS.  I find 
Eclipse's lack of on-the-fly reconfigurability and extensibility limiting at 
times, and I hate how many things are impossible to do without reaching for 
the mouse, but I also really like its integration with other components, like 
app servers.

C++ being what it is, I really doubt that the Eclipse CDT gives you all of the 
same features it does for Java, just because C++ is much harder to parse.  If 
you use EMACS for Java code, you'll find that the EMACS JDE (Java Development 
Environment) package gives you all of those same search features Eclipse 
does, because it's fairly easy to do with Java.


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