[KPhotoAlbum] Select subcategories, annotating photographs

Risto H. Kurppa risto at kurppa.fi
Wed Apr 18 17:33:45 BST 2007

2007/4/18, Angel Lopez <anglopm at gmail.com>:
> > > I've noticed that One can search also by folder, but the text you type
> > > in must be exactly the beginning of the folder name, (which is not my
> > > case).
> >
> > Really?  I can type any part of the folder name.  To be precise, from
> > the "Home" view, I click the "Folder" icon, then use the search entry bar at
> > the top.
> Now I see the light. I was talking about Edit --> Find --> Options.
> Show Folders.
> Your explanation has shown me how to do it, and this behavior is great
> for me because I have already description on folders names.

I've been wondering about this too. Some kind of 'free text search'
has been in my mind so that I could also include folder names- where I
have date & descriptions (yyyy-mm-dd-description) like Angel has. I've
also tried to search folders using the 'normal search dialog' but
looks like it's wrong way to do it.. And I think it's kind of hmm..
well, anyway, I'd relly appriciate some kind of free text search that
the would list the results showing if the text was in description,
keywords, people, location, folder name, EXIFs or so..



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