[KPhotoAlbum] Cycles in member maps

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Fri Apr 6 06:44:24 BST 2007

I'm all fine with that. If you read the TODO file, you will even see an 
ancient TODO saying make it impossible to introduce cycles.


On Wednesday 04 April 2007 15:02, Tuomas Suutari wrote:
| Hello everyone.
| I've been thinking to deny cycles in KPhotoAlbum's member maps. (For
| example tag A is member of B, B is member of C, and C is member A.)
| (Actually I have a code for this already, but it's not committed yet.)
| Few reasons to remove cycles:
| (1) They make some code more complicated, especially in SQL backend.
| (2) They could confuse users.
| (3) They make no sense... Or do they?
| Can you think any (even remotely) good reason to have cycles in member
| maps or would anyone be happy if those weren't allowed?
| And by the way, this would also deny A being a member of A, just like in
| this post:
| http://mail.kdab.net/mailman/pipermail/kphotoalbum/2006-November/002571.htm

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