[KPhotoAlbum] [patch] Excluding Files and Directories

Ashley J Gittins agittins at purple.dropbear.id.au
Wed Sep 27 03:19:35 BST 2006

> Thanks for the patch. I attached a new patch for you which compiles with
> current trunk.

Ahh, thanks. I think I missed a few things trying to move it to trunk,
sorry about that.

> Though I agree this might solve some people problems, I really doubt that
> the majority of KPA users would know how to create a regexp (even with my
> editor), which exclude files in certain directories and with certain
> extension.

Agreed - to be honest, I knew it was a bit of a stretch expecting the
average user to grok regexps, and seeing the editor would probably just
make it look harder again :-)

Getting the feature started and under discussion was motivation enough
though to push it out for comment anyway.

> Any suggestion for Ashley, for improvements?

I have one :-)
How about doing something very similar to how Kate's "Find" dialog works?
Default to using a wildcard match so that users can enter "*.NEF" or
"backup*", keeping things simple. Then under that a checkbox labelled
"regular expression" and the button to launch the regexpEditor. The button
will remain disabled as long as the checkbox is clear.

It shouldn't take too much more to add a setting for ignoreRegexpSyntax
and associated checkbox, plus (optionally?) a button to launch the regexp

Part of this will also be to add regexp validation to prevent entering
invalid regexps, if regexps are enabled.

Hopefully this would give the balance between user-friendlyness (wildcards
by default) and power (regexps if desired).

> Ashley, before I want to include this, I really need it a bit more polish,
> hope you understand.

Completely! Part of my motivation was to get a stick-in-the-sand so to
speak, to ensure that the solution to several problems was met with one
fix that makes a powerful feature. Refining that fix is all good,
providing we can keep the power of it while making it easy enough for any
user to take advantage of.

Further comments welcome.


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