[KPhotoAlbum] new snapshot with DND support for sub categories!

Shawn Willden shawn-kimdaba at willden.org
Tue Sep 5 18:03:47 BST 2006

On Tuesday 05 September 2006 08:12, Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
> Did you try It? :-) Well enter doesn't toggle (which might be a good idea,
> but it does indeed select, as always)

Yes, I did try it.  For example, one of my location categories is "Home".  I 
type "ho", which is enough to bring home to the top of the list, and then hit 
the enter key.  The checkbox stays unchecked.

> | Also, I normally keep the categories in the annotation dialog sorted in
> | "last use" order, and that appears to be broken, or at least changed.
> | Particularly when adding "Persons", consecutive photos tend to have
> | largely the same group, so the old way was very convenient.  After
> | categorizing a handful of photos, the group of people was at the top of
> | the list, making it easy to either click to select the ones in the
> | current photo, or in many cases to type just the first letter of each
> | name, hitting enter after each.
> Nothing should have changed there, could you be more explicit of what you
> see and what you expect?

What I expect is that the most recently-used categories should be at the top 
of the list.  For example, if the first photo I'm tagging has persons B, Z 
and C in it, and my list is set to "usage" mode, I should see those three at 
the top of the list after I select them.  When I go to the next photo, they 
should still be at the top of the list.

For example.  I just selected a set of images which I haven't yet tagged with 
Persons and hit "Ctrl-1" to open the annotation dialog.

The first thing I notice is that no image is displayed in the image panel.  If 
I go forward one image, that image is drawn.  If I move forward or back, the 
image panel is drawn correctly.  I go forward and back, so I can see the 
first picture.

In the "Persons" box, the top few items are:

	Makae Willden
	No People
	Courtney Flinn
	Cade Willden
	jace Willden

(No People is a tag I apply to photos that have no one in them, to distinguish 
them from images that haven't been tagged.  It looks like **NONE** is an 
automatic version of that?)

To tag this image, I click in the Persons entry field and type "ca", which is 
enough to bring "Cade Willden" to the top of the list.  I hit enter.  Nothing 
happens.  I grab the mouse and click the checkbox.  

The list has now been narrowed to the dozen or so names that begin with "ca", 
which doesn't match anyone else in the photo.  Before I can apply another 
tag, I first have to get back to the full list of tags.  I triple-click in 
the edit field and hit delete.  Now I have the full list again.  Cade should 
now be at the top of the list, but is still in 6th position.

I type 'j', which brings "Jace Willden" to the top of the list.  I grab the 
mouse and check the box.  Triple click and delete clears the edit box and 
gives me the full list.  Jace should now be at the top of the list, but is in 
his original, 7th position.

I type 'dari', which brings "Darin Flinn" to the top of the list.  I check the 
box and clear the edit box.  Darin should be at the top of the list, but is 
nowhere to be seen.  By scrolling down a few pages, I find him, checked.

Similar process for the other three people.  When I'm done, I'm unsure as to 
whether I got them all, and I have to scroll down through the (very long) 
list to find the ones that are checked to make sure.

Now I click the right arrow (is there a hotkey for that?) to go to the next 
image.  All of the checkboxes are cleared, but the order of the Persons 
listed is the same as before I tagged the previous image.  It should have the 
set of people from the last image at the top.

Does that help?



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