[KPhotoAlbum] new snapshot with DND support for sub categories!

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Tue Sep 5 20:56:19 BST 2006

On Tuesday 05 September 2006 19:03, Shawn Willden wrote:
| On Tuesday 05 September 2006 08:12, Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
| > Did you try It? :-) Well enter doesn't toggle (which might be a good
| > idea, but it does indeed select, as always)
| Yes, I did try it.  For example, one of my location categories is "Home". 
| I type "ho", which is enough to bring home to the top of the list, and then
| hit the enter key.  The checkbox stays unchecked.
I can't reproduce this, does it happen for everything, or only a certain item?

| > | Also, I normally keep the categories in the annotation dialog sorted in
| > | "last use" order, and that appears to be broken, or at least changed.
| > | Particularly when adding "Persons", consecutive photos tend to have
| > | largely the same group, so the old way was very convenient.  After
| > | categorizing a handful of photos, the group of people was at the top of
| > | the list, making it easy to either click to select the ones in the
| > | current photo, or in many cases to type just the first letter of each
| > | name, hitting enter after each.
| >
| > Nothing should have changed there, could you be more explicit of what you
| > see and what you expect?
| What I expect is that the most recently-used categories should be at the
| top of the list.  For example, if the first photo I'm tagging has persons
| B, Z and C in it, and my list is set to "usage" mode, I should see those
| three at the top of the list after I select them.  When I go to the next
| photo, they should still be at the top of the list.
That is exactly how it works here.

| For example.  I just selected a set of images which I haven't yet tagged
| with Persons and hit "Ctrl-1" to open the annotation dialog.
| The first thing I notice is that no image is displayed in the image panel. 
| If I go forward one image, that image is drawn.  If I move forward or back,
| the image panel is drawn correctly.  I go forward and back, so I can see
| the first picture.
I've heard this multiple times, but could never reproduce it.

| In the "Persons" box, the top few items are:
| 	**NONE**
| 	Makae Willden
| 	No People
| 	Courtney Flinn
| 	Cade Willden
| 	jace Willden
| (No People is a tag I apply to photos that have no one in them, to
| distinguish them from images that haven't been tagged.  It looks like
| **NONE** is an automatic version of that?)
| To tag this image, I click in the Persons entry field and type "ca", which
| is enough to bring "Cade Willden" to the top of the list.  I hit enter. 
| Nothing happens.  I grab the mouse and click the checkbox.
| The list has now been narrowed to the dozen or so names that begin with
| "ca", which doesn't match anyone else in the photo.  Before I can apply
| another tag, I first have to get back to the full list of tags.  I
| triple-click in the edit field and hit delete.  Now I have the full list
| again.  Cade should now be at the top of the list, but is still in 6th
| position.
OK now I get it. Checking the item doesn't bring it to the top. It was orinial 
a miss in the impl, on the other hand now I see it as a feature it would be 
rather annoying if the items moved while touching them.

| I type 'j', which brings "Jace Willden" to the top of the list.  I grab the
| mouse and check the box.  Triple click and delete clears the edit box and
| gives me the full list.  Jace should now be at the top of the list, but is
| in his original, 7th position.
| I type 'dari', which brings "Darin Flinn" to the top of the list.  I check
| the box and clear the edit box.  Darin should be at the top of the list,
| but is nowhere to be seen.  By scrolling down a few pages, I find him,
| checked.
| Similar process for the other three people.  When I'm done, I'm unsure as
| to whether I got them all, and I have to scroll down through the (very
| long) list to find the ones that are checked to make sure.
Try pressing Ctrl-s that will limit your view to only those items checked.

| Now I click the right arrow (is there a hotkey for that?) 
Pg down, or you may yourself assign one from the settings dialog.

| to go to the next 
| image.  All of the checkboxes are cleared, but the order of the Persons
| listed is the same as before I tagged the previous image.  It should have
| the set of people from the last image at the top.
| Does that help?
| Thanks,
| 	Shawn.
Only one thing jumps to mind, you do remember to do a make install every time, 


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