[KPhotoAlbum] Performance issue: KPA too slow when clicking on "big" supercategories

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Sun Dec 24 10:32:17 GMT 2006

Seems like you are right indeed. That just shows how little I use 
subcategories myself.

I spent the better of an hour profiling it, and came to the conclusion that it 
unfortunately is the algorithms that sucks rather than the implementation. In 
my database with ~7000 images, it takes billions of string compares to search 
for a large enough category :-/

It is unfortunately too late to do something about that for the next release. 
I do, however, plan to spent some time to make a patch level release after 
the next one, which will include bug fixes and optimizations only.


On Tuesday 28 November 2006 22:45, Rafael Beccar wrote:
| Hi Jesper and everybody,
| I found the following performance issue with latest SVN:
| Let's say I have something like this in my "Folders" category:
| + dir1 (2452 images; 33 movies)
| 	-subdir1
| 	-subdir2
| 	-subdir3
| + dir2
| 	-subdir1
| 	-subdir2
| +dir3
| 	...
| If I click on "dir1", the process of finding the items on the category,
| takes 1 minute and 5 seconds to finish (using 99% of processor and 6% of
| memory according to "top"). Then, when the process ends, KPA becames very
| slow for all operations and sometimes it just hangs.
| If I do the same with other categories than "Folders" (like "Places" for
| example), KPA becames very slow too but it is still faster that the
| situation described above with "Folders".
| Of course the does not happend when clicking on last level categories (no
| matter how big they are).
| Notice I'm testing this over AMD64 with 1GB RAM.
| May be, if this performance issue can't be easily solved, at least the user
| should be warned when clicking on a big supercategory.
| Hope that helps,
| Rafael
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