[KimDaBa] Feature requests

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Sat Mar 26 10:46:01 GMT 2005

On Thursday 27 January 2005 14:31, Nicolas M. Thiery wrote:
| 	Dear Kimdaba developers,
| Since 4 years that I own a digital camera I have been playing with
| quite a bunch of image viewers/organizers for Linux, and never found
| anything adapted to what I wanted. And then one month ago I discovered
| Kimdaba 1.
*drums* ;-)

| After one evening of playing with it, I became convinced 
| that this was the perfect fit for me, but for a few missing things
| ... which were fixed in Kimdaba 2 that I downloaded the following day :-)
| Even some of my suggestions below are already outdated.
| Great piece of software. Thanks so much for your work!

| Image viewer:
|  - When no selection is active, pgup/pgdn in the viewer work as if all
|    pictures were selected.
Hmmm I've heard this before, lemme think about it. It is now in the TODO file 
(which I use from time to time to get inspired on developing something ;)

|  - When the image is zoomed in, the arrows scroll progressively the
|    view around (as in, say, gqview).
Yeah why not. Currently scrolling is done using the middle mouse button IIRC.

| Thumbnails navigator:
|  - Directly display the thumbnails in the selection window
|    (done in recent snapshots?)
I'm not sure I understand this one.

|  - Shift-click on a pictures adds it to the current selection
|    (allowing for selections that do not simply consist of a range of
|    pictures)
This is a standard KDE widget, so I'd rather not change the name of the game 
here, that would make it inconsistent with other part of KDE.

|  - When going back with Alt-Left Arrow, the cursor is repositioned at
|    its former position.
I think you are referring to going back to previous views in the thumbnail. I 
agree this is annoying, and I've added it to the TODO. It is not a major 
thing, so don't hold your breath.

|  - The "current image"/cursor are kept synchronized between the
|    thumbnails navigator, the viewer, and the keyword editor (C-1). In
|    particular, when hitting C-I while several images are selected,
|    display first the image on which the cursor currently is.
That sounds like a great idea, not high prio though.

| Keyword editor:
|  - C-I displays the image with the viewer
You can drag of the preview, and resize it to your need.

|  - When multiple pictures are edited with Ctrl-2, display their
|    thumbnails (or, for simplicity, just the first one) in the image
|    window.
I'm not sure I like that idea.

| Support for videos (.avi, ...):
This section is easily answered - I dont have a camera that can do fancy video 
recordings, and as long as that is the case, this is very likely not going to 
happen. Simple solution: give me a video camera ;-)

| Misc:
|  - Finding duplicates *using the existing checksums* already in
|    kimdaba (should be much faster than the external module).
This is something you would do once a year, is it really worth the development 
time? I don't think so.

| The following can most likely now be done with Kimdaba.pm:
|  - Batch property edition (add a keyword to all files matching ...)
|  - Export back Kimdaba's image information to the original image files:
|     - Rotate "physically" the images, and clear the EXIF rotation
|       information to be coherent
|     - Update date/time information in the EXIF
|     - Update the description
|     - Possibly include the keywords in the description?
|    This will help for the interoperability with other image software

| Just my 2 cents, and again many thanks for all your work!
Thanks for the input I really appreciate it. Sorry for the late answer.


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