[KimDaBa] Feature requests

havoc havoc at harrisdev.com
Sat Mar 26 15:12:27 GMT 2005

Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
> On Thursday 27 January 2005 14:31, Nicolas M. Thiery wrote:
> | 	Dear Kimdaba developers,

> | Image viewer:
> |
> |  - When no selection is active, pgup/pgdn in the viewer work as if all
> |    pictures were selected.
> Hmmm I've heard this before, lemme think about it. It is now in the TODO file 
> (which I use from time to time to get inspired on developing something ;)

This would be really nice because it is often the case that you open a 
single image while looking for something, then, when it's open, realize 
you'd like to browse those above and below it. Current, the only way to 
browse the large images is to know ahead of time which image you want to 
browse and selected them all, then C-I.

Leaving in the C-I, view selected, option allows you to restrict your 
browsing to a subset, but allowing pgup/pgdn in the viewer would allow 
unrestricted browsing.

> |  - When multiple pictures are edited with Ctrl-2, display their
> |    thumbnails (or, for simplicity, just the first one) in the image
> |    window.
> I'm not sure I like that idea.

Changing this per the suggestion would lead to an error-likely 
situation. Currently, it's rather obvious that you're changing the data 
for a set of images. If you were to change this one indicator to show 
the first image, it would be very easy accidentally add data for one 
image to a set of images.

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