[KimDaBa] rotated images

jedd jedd at progsoc.org
Wed Jan 12 12:24:58 GMT 2005

 I think that I want to go and manually rotate my master
 image copies .. I use other apps (digging in the draw, to use
 the vernacular :) often enough to find it irritating to have the
 master copy still at the wrong alignment.

 Is there an easy way to find all images that *are* rotated, short
 of coming up with a script to parse the xml and picking out
 KimDaBa-rotated images?

 Would it be worth giving KimDaBa the ability (authority?) to
 create a shell script you could run that calls out ImageMagick
 stuff to do the rotation?  I'm not sure how much I want that, though,
 because one of the great things about KimDaba (IMHO) is that
 it *doesn't* touch the originals .. 


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