[KimDaBa] Ideas for Kimdaba features

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Wed Jan 12 06:54:44 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 12 January 2005 03:20, Alain.Picard at memetrics.com wrote:
| Dear Kimdaba users/developers,
| After using Kimdaba for a while, I came up with this
| list of things which I feel are missing.
| * removing multiple keywords simultaneously.
|   When selecting multiple images, and hitting C-2 to bring
|   up the "apply to all" properties editor, all keywords which
|   are present in all selected images should appear as selected,
|   and deselecting and applying should remove those deselected
|   keywords from all selected images.
|   Doing a set-intersection for each category should quickly
|   yield the list of suitable keywords to hightlight.
This has been on my todo list forever, but never found motivation to fix it.
You can see my TODO list on

| * easier editing (and deleting) of keywords within a category.
|   In each category, right click on a keyword should bring up
|   a menu to rename and delete the selected keyword.
|   Changes should be propagated throughtout the DB; i.e. changing
|   the name of a keyword should change all the referents, etc.
That is already working exactly as you describe.

| * Allow the 1-click rotation on the thumbnail panel.  Selecting
|   1 or more thumbnails and clicking 9 or 7 should apply the 90
|   and 270 degree rotations to all selected images.
Unfortunately, this would be quite some work for me to implement. I always 
rotate my images either when setting properties, or when watching them.

| * A "File ... open directory" option, to easily switch between
|   various photo collections, rather than re-invoking with the -c switch
|   might be nice.
It is not 7:26 in the morning, I'm dead tired, and once my girl friend leaves 
for work, I will likely give in and go back to bed. These morning makes 
me ..uhem..., lets say the least unfriendly to new ideas - I try very hard 
not to answer emails in the morning, still I can't help it ,-)

So here I am, thinking man this guy want it all, nothing I do to KimDaBa would 
ever make him happy, but then I remember my favorite quote. It is from 
Margerit Thather (Spell her name correct yourself - it was the prime minister 
of UK in the 80th). She said: "I love when people start picking on my person 
during a political debate, that means that I won on the political level")

You've got no idea where I'm going with all this do you? Well as I said it is 
early in the morning.

Well the point I'm making is that this is really a tiny issue isn't it, 
seriously, how many different database do you have? It can't be that serious 
an issue starting kimdaba over again with -c, can it? ;-)

| * The date bar currently doesn't seem very useful (I realize this is
|   in progress).  In the "home" screen, dragging across a date range
|   should have the effect of selecting that date range, and refine the
|   number of available hits immediately.
OK, it is 7:32 now, and I'm still grumpy, but could we please get some 
enthusiasm here? The datebar is more than 2 man weeks of work now, likely the 
largest thing I added to kimdaba since the possibilities to browse images. 
That is two weeks I could have worked overtime instead, and got enough money 
to a new camera, so I would have at least as cool a camera as the rest of 
you. You are not writting to Microsoft Support complaining about a broken 
upgrade to a product you've paid a fortune for, please remember that. You 
"pay" me my showing a bit of gratitude and enthusiasm ;-)

Let me teach you:
"The datebar is really cool, I can see which date my current images are from, 
and I can even use it for browsing. There is just one thing I can think of 
that would make it ever cooler: How about making it possible to select image 
ranges with the mouse by dragging out a selection"

I would then answer:
Cool idea, it was actually already suggested on the mailing list, and I've 
already implement that - it is in CVS now, and will be in the next snapshot.

| * Under X11, the location (i.e. X geometry) of the windows for user
|   defined categories is reset for each kimdaba invocation.  Not sure
|   if that's a kimdaba problem, or something fixable with my window
|   manager (sawfish).
Did you try choosing Options->Save window setup in the config dialog? Once 
you've done that, you also need to save your setup using normal Ctrl+s, but 
then you should be set.


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