[KimDaBa] Ideas for Kimdaba features

Alain.Picard at memetrics.com Alain.Picard at memetrics.com
Wed Jan 12 02:20:45 GMT 2005

Dear Kimdaba users/developers,

After using Kimdaba for a while, I came up with this
list of things which I feel are missing.  

* removing multiple keywords simultaneously.

  When selecting multiple images, and hitting C-2 to bring
  up the "apply to all" properties editor, all keywords which
  are present in all selected images should appear as selected,
  and deselecting and applying should remove those deselected
  keywords from all selected images.

  Doing a set-intersection for each category should quickly
  yield the list of suitable keywords to hightlight.

* easier editing (and deleting) of keywords within a category.

  In each category, right click on a keyword should bring up
  a menu to rename and delete the selected keyword.  

  Changes should be propagated throughtout the DB; i.e. changing
  the name of a keyword should change all the referents, etc.

* Allow the 1-click rotation on the thumbnail panel.  Selecting
  1 or more thumbnails and clicking 9 or 7 should apply the 90
  and 270 degree rotations to all selected images.

* A "File ... open directory" option, to easily switch between
  various photo collections, rather than re-invoking with the -c switch
  might be nice.

* The date bar currently doesn't seem very useful (I realize this is
  in progress).  In the "home" screen, dragging across a date range
  should have the effect of selecting that date range, and refine the
  number of available hits immediately.

* Under X11, the location (i.e. X geometry) of the windows for user
  defined categories is reset for each kimdaba invocation.  Not sure
  if that's a kimdaba problem, or something fixable with my window 
  manager (sawfish).

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