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Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Wed Jan 5 06:56:54 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 05 January 2005 02:39, jedd wrote:
|  (yet more suggestions)
|  I'm still using 2.0-2 (Debian package), btw.
|  Bug:  When I start KimDaBa with new images present, I get two dialogs.
|  The first is the 'Trust time stamps?' yes/no dialog.  This is pretty
|  quickly obscured by the larger 'Loading information from images' dialog.
|  This sits there at 0% .. blocked until the Trust-Time-Stamps dialog is
|  brought to the front and acted upon.  Trivial, but irritating.
Unfortunately I've got no idea how to fix this, so if you never read images 
from scanner anymore, so you now can trust all images, then there is an 
option for never ask this question in the options dialog.

|  Maybe Bug: I'm slowly starting to implement member groups.  I'm
|  starting with location - with country names, since they're obvious and
|  easy and sensible.  In the past I've put the country name in to the
|  normal Location area, but now I want to find only locations that are
|  in 'australia' but not in the member group 'Australia'.  (Does this
|  make sense?)  That way I can then go through them, and put in a better
|  location (city, region, state, etc) and update the Member group to have
|  that city/region/state/etc assigned to the Member group 'Australia'.
|  ... However, Location:Australia / Location: No Other Locations, gives
|  me lots of results of multi-locationed items, including places that are
|  sub-group members, but do not include the word 'Australia'.  I have
|  to go and un-select each sub-group of the member group 'Australia'
|  and then try this again.  Sub-optimal.  Not sure if the multi-group
|  member-group thing should act this way -- particularly when there are
|  images that contain only the main group name and none of the sub-group
|  names.
The whole member group stuff is waiting for a workover soonish. Esp defining 
groups is tiresome.

|  Related: I have a group of friends called that refers to themselves as
|  the scooby gang.  I've got a member group of Persons that lists each
|  of those people, but sometimes it would be nice to see pics that
|  contain *all* of those people, not just pics that contain *some* of
|  them.  I think this has been discussed before, but I'm not sure what
|  the consensus was.  I think the previous discussion may have been about
|  selecting things through the main dialog, with AND .v. OR options,
|  rather than having member groups configured to do AND's as well
|  as OR's.
Hmmm this would be pretty hard to implement for a pretty special case. I mean 
for locations you would never get in this situation.

|  Finally: I was at a wedding earlier this week.  (Yes, yes, I know, but
|  I couldn't talk them out of it.)  One neat thing they did was have a
|  slideshow going off to one-side of photos that all their guests had sent
|  them before, plus photos from the ceremony.  It actually worked
|  really well, as an aside.  Particularly the 'bride and groom as kids'
|  pictures.  Anyhoo, I have no idea if there's something comparable for
|  GNU/Linux, that has that nice blend out/in feature like the MacOS
|  screen saver, but given that KimDaBa is my image database of choice,
|  I thought it'd be a neat feature to have a funkier slideshow facility.
|  Specifically :
|  Sweeps or blends or fades or whatever other options may exist to
|  do the transitions from one pic to the next.  That slightly unsettling
|  slow zoom / pan thing that the MacOS screen saver thing does is in
|  fact a bit addictive, once you get used to seeing it.
well, I'd be happy to include fancy transition effects etc, but it is really 
out of my scope for kimdaba, and starting to add stuff like that can really 
take a lot of time. Nevertheless, I think it is already on my TODO, if I ever 
feel artistic.

|  Nicer font settings / configurable positions & text styles of the
|  Location / Date / Persons stuff on the image.  It'd be superb if you
|  could put Location at the top, with just the (Year) in brackets after
|  it, say, and People at the bottom.  Things like saying Location instead
|  of Locations if there's only one .. are trivial, and so I wouldn't risk
|  offending by sending in a patch for that.  ;)
Fell free to send a patch for that, but make sure it works with custom groups 
in any language ;-0

|  More swanky features 
|  like transparent text boxes I'll leave until next Christmas to ask for.
Again, My focus with kimdaba is to make it easy for you to find a given image, 
not to be a fancy viewer - afterall I have no sense for such details anyway.

|  If you've played with amaroK (the *other* app that I tempt people to
|  come over from the Dark Side with) then the OSD configuration thing
|  is a great example -- you can drag that to where you want it on-screen,
|  and configure colours, font style & size, etc, and a string like :
| "%trackname - %length\n{%Album - } (%bitrate)"
|  Things in {} only appear if the data is available.  A neat way of
|  handling optional data in your collection, I think.  Anyway, that's
|  my recommendation for the Easter holidays.  ;)
|  I'll let you get back to breakfast now.
hehe, actually its just about time.

Thanks for your email, and sorry to let you down on so many points, but I 
simply prefer functionality that makes it easier for me to drive down memory 
lane, than eye kandy.

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