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   From: jedd <jedd at progsoc.org>
   Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2005 12:39:40 +1100

    Finally: I was at a wedding earlier this week.  (Yes, yes, I know,
    but I couldn't talk them out of it.)  One neat thing they did was
    have a slideshow going off to one-side of photos that all their
    guests had sent them before, plus photos from the ceremony.  It
    actually worked really well, as an aside.  Particularly the 'bride
    and groom as kids' pictures.  Anyhoo, I have no idea if there's
    something comparable for GNU/Linux, that has that nice blend
    out/in feature like the MacOS screen saver, but given that KimDaBa
    is my image database of choice, I thought it'd be a neat feature
    to have a funkier slideshow facility.

KDE's screen saver has this kind of option.  I was at a convention
this summer and I rather impressed the attendees with exactly this
kind of thing: I imported all the files from my camera, sucked them
into KimDaBa (which wasn't nearly as good this past summer as it is
now), and then used export to create a directory full of files, which
I then fed to the screen saver.

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