[KimDaBa] Suggestion to add "Mark Image" to slide show.

Walter Francis khaytsus at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 20:23:38 GMT 2005

Maybe there's another way to do this, but I'm thinking this could be
quite useful when assigning categories to images that are
non-contiguous.  For instance, you have multiple subjects in a folder,
and you want every picture with a certain subject to be marked as
such, and you have 3-4 or more such subjects.  The easiest way I've
found so far is to mark each image that contains said subject,
configure all images, and set the approrpriate subject.  Repeat for
each one desired.

However sometimes it's not easy to see the subject from the thumbnail,
and while you can increase the thumbnail size, I'd prefer not to make
it really large.

So my suggestion is that "m" mark the current image in a slide show
and "u" for unmark (in case there was a mistake in marking), so that
one may view an entire folder/filter in slide-show form, mark each
image that they want to edit, then when the slide show is finished,
exit the slide show, control-2, and set.

Walter Francis
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