[KimDaBa] Instructions on how to set up sqlite/exif searching?

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Thu Dec 29 12:40:33 GMT 2005

On Friday 16 December 2005 16:23, Walter Francis wrote:
| I hate to ask because normally I could figure out something like this, but
| I must have recompiled KimDaBa 10 times last night fiddling with stuff.. 
| First I had sqlite 3.1.x, so then I removed it and installed the 2.8.16 (?)
| version mentioned in the Features help entry, etc..  Still no matter what I
| do, the last entry for SQlite is NO.
Well you need support for it in Qt too. try doing a rpm -qa | grep qt 
and check if it has a sqllite module.

| I can scan for Exif, exif shows when I view images, etc..  But I have yet
| to figure out how to populate or search for exif.  I assume this is due to
| the SQLite feature being stated as NO.
right. Without a database you can still view exif info for individual images.

| Is there anything special to do?  I couldn't figure out anything to do with
| the kipi stuff rom svn (no actual programs in it?) so I downloaded the
| latest beta of kipi and libkipi stuff, then svn'ed KimDaBa, compiled with
| --enable-sqldb, configure shows yes when it looks for it, etc...
Kipi is completely unrelated to the EXIF stuff
the --enable-sqldb is to enable the code for the sql backend I gave up on 
(thus also completely unrelated)
| Am I doing something wrong?  Any suggestions?  I'm using Fedora Core 3 with
| KDE-Redhat as an accessory repo, which updates some stuff outside of the
| normal Fedora repository..  Including being on KDE 3.5.0 right now, QT,
| sqlite (although I went back to the FC3 version of it to try 2.8.16)
| One thing that I'm not sure of is you mentioned once if QT supports
| sqlite..  How do I check that?
yes that is likely your problem. In Suse this is a separate RPM package, I 
dont know about fedora.


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