[KimDaBa] Instructions on how to set up sqlite/exif searching?

Walter Francis wally at theblackmoor.net
Thu Dec 29 13:04:19 GMT 2005

On Thu, December 29, 2005 07:40, Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
> On Friday 16 December 2005 16:23, Walter Francis wrote:
> | I hate to ask because normally I could figure out something like this, but
> | I must have recompiled KimDaBa 10 times last night fiddling with stuff..
> | First I had sqlite 3.1.x, so then I removed it and installed the 2.8.16 (?)
> | version mentioned in the Features help entry, etc..  Still no matter what I
> | do, the last entry for SQlite is NO.

> Well you need support for it in Qt too. try doing a rpm -qa | grep qt
> and check if it has a sqllite module.

Yeah, this is the problem..  Stupid me kept looking for "sql" and seeing the MySQL QT
module I thought I was okay, didn't notice it wasn't sqlite.

Fedora apparently doesn't compile in sqlite support in their QT module, nor does
KDE-Redhat, so I will likely have to maintain my own..  Meh.

Thanks for the wakeup on that, I kept thinking I must be doing something wrong!

Walter Francis
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