[KimDaBa] Remove single keyword from large selection of pictures?

Martin Hoeller martin at xss.co.at
Tue Dec 13 07:32:22 GMT 2005


On 12 Dez 2005, Walter Francis wrote:

> On Tue, November 29, 2005 03:48, Martin Hoeller wrote:
> >>> Do you know about the Page-Down key when in multi-editing mode? It's not
> >>> really perfect but may help a little bit: Select all the images you want to remove
> >>> a token from, press ctrl-2, deselect the keyword in question and hit page-down.
> >>> You get
> >>> the next picture selected with the focus on the same keyword, so just hitting
> >>> space deselects it for the second one, page-down and space for third and so on...
> > You are right, i meant single edit mode, sorry.
> I've been really busy and just got to try this..  It doesn't seem to work for me?
> It moves the cursor around in the label box, but doesn't go between pictures.  Am I
> msising some setting maybe?

Sorry, no idea. I just tried it again on my box and it works, no matter
where i place the focus. Page-Up/-Down just work and go to the
previous/next image.

And BTW: I think I found a bug. While trying this in multi-edit mode I
found out, that hitting Page-Up/-Down still changes the "active" image. I
think this should not happen. Jesper?

- martin

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