[KimDaBa] Remove single keyword from large selection of pictures?

Walter Francis wally at theblackmoor.net
Mon Dec 12 23:56:07 GMT 2005

On Tue, November 29, 2005 03:48, Martin Hoeller wrote:

>>> Do you know about the Page-Down key when in multi-editing mode? It's not
>>> really perfect but may help a little bit: Select all the images you want to remove
>>> a token from, press ctrl-2, deselect the keyword in question and hit page-down.
>>> You get
>>> the next picture selected with the focus on the same keyword, so just hitting
>>> space deselects it for the second one, page-down and space for third and so on...

> You are right, i meant single edit mode, sorry.

I've been really busy and just got to try this..  It doesn't seem to work for me?

It moves the cursor around in the label box, but doesn't go between pictures.  Am I
msising some setting maybe?

Walter Francis
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