[KimDaBa] Next release one week, then what?!

Martin Hoeller martin at xss.co.at
Thu Apr 28 22:23:32 BST 2005

Hi all!

On 28 Apr 2005, William Holland wrote:

> > 1) Exif.
> > --------
> >
> Definitely need at least the ability to view the exif data!  I really like 
> option 'c' (extract stuff automagically from exif to categories)


> > 2) Time
> > -------
> >
> > Be more flexible in the use of time-information. Make it possible for me to
> > search for images that are taken between 18 and 24 in the evening. Or make
> > it possible to search for images taken in the weekend. Yes, I realize this
> > is more tricky than simply restricting to a range as is possible now.

I haven't tried the snapshots with the timebar yet (using debian unstable),
but sounds like a good idea.

> > 3) Database
> > -----------
> >
> Yes and no.  Separate the backend, but keep it as one app, so a new user (I 
> was put off many apps by db backends) can just compile and go.  That is a 
> real strength.

Fully ACK.

Do you know about SQLite? AFAIKT, it's a library that supports basic SQL
and stores the data in one file instead of a full-blown DB. This way it
would be quite easy to switch to a "real DB" like MySQL or Postgres if
there is need for it.

> > 4) Metadata.
> > ------------

Why not...

> Oh and also, I just rembered, if I only select one image, can the viewer think 
> I've selected them all :)

I like this one too! Like Kuickshow does it.

Here is one more: let the properties-dialog of a picture remember its
alignment of the sub-windows. It's a bit anoying to reorder it everytime i
closed it.

Anything else to say except that kimdaba is really great work? Keep it that

- martin

PS: I like the idea of not touching my images, stay with it! (Or at least,
    warn me two times before doing anything)

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