[KimDaBa] Find duplicated images plugin & Kimdaba

Rafael Beccar rafabeccar at speedy.com.ar
Sat Sep 11 21:42:05 BST 2004


I run the following test for Find duplicated images plugin:

- I put two identical pictures in a database directory tree.
- I run Plugins -> Images -> Find Duplicated Images
- The pluing found the two identicals images. So it gave me the chance to 
delete one of them.
- I choose to delete one of them.

- The images were deleted from disk but not from database.
- The thumnail is still there but it doesn't belong to any picture.
- In a big database is difficult to find where the deleted picture was and 
delete it manually.

	So, with this state of things, the "Find duplicated images plugin" is usefull 
for saving disk space but not for having a cleaner database.

	I know that's happening because plugins are not Kimdaba specific and they 
don't know anything about the existence of a database. But may be, Kimdaba 
could extend the plugin in some way, so it delete the images from disk and 
from the database too. Well, I really don't know, is just an idea.


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