[KimDaBa] Re: CD-Archiving bug

Jean-Michel FAYARD jmfayard at gmail.com
Mon Sep 13 10:14:41 BST 2004

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004 11:05:15 +0200, Jesper K. Pedersen
<blackie at blackie.dk> wrote:
> | > Gilles, please observe that Archive to cd seems to work for Jean-Michael,
> | > wonder if it is a bug in my setup that makes it fail for me.
> | > Jean-Michel did you actually burn a cd?
> |
> | In fact no, my CD-writer doesn't work at all (cdrecord make my
> | computer freeze), so I just create an .iso and thought the test was
> | succesfull.
> Well I dont get this far at all. k3b starts and tells me that it was unable to
> open the project.

You should attach here (http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=89394) the
/tmp/kde-*/kipi-cdarchivingplugin-*/whatever.xml so that tudor can see
what went wrong.

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