[KimDaBa] Find duplicated images plugin & Kimdaba

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Sun Sep 12 09:09:31 BST 2004

Gilles, please consider this as a bug report.
My bags are packed, and I'm just about to leave for two weeks of courses.

On Saturday 11 September 2004 22:42, Rafael Beccar wrote:
| Hi,
| I run the following test for Find duplicated images plugin:
| - I put two identical pictures in a database directory tree.
| - I run Plugins -> Images -> Find Duplicated Images
| - The pluing found the two identicals images. So it gave me the chance to
| delete one of them.
| - I choose to delete one of them.
| Results:
| - The images were deleted from disk but not from database.
Gilles, Deleting images from disk is not enough, you should call 
KIPI::Interface::delImage instead.

| - The thumnail is still there but it doesn't belong to any picture.
I guess that is my problem (if it still exists when using delImage, better 

| - In a big database is difficult to find where the deleted picture was and
| delete it manually.
|  So, with this state of things, the "Find duplicated images plugin" is
| usefull for saving disk space but not for having a cleaner database.
|  I know that's happening because plugins are not Kimdaba specific and they
| don't know anything about the existence of a database. But may be, Kimdaba
| could extend the plugin in some way, so it delete the images from disk and
| from the database too. Well, I really don't know, is just an idea.
Actually that is exactly what we have the delImage method for, so this is 
simply a bug in porting the plugin.

Thanks for reporting.

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