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Vincent Picavet Vincent.Picavet at inria.fr
Mon Oct 25 15:43:47 BST 2004


> On Sun October 24 2004 03:54 pm, Franck Collineau wrote:
>  ] I just want to know what is the way the kimdaba users use to import
>  photos from camera.
>  I always use my card-reader.  It's faster and more convenient
>  than fluffing around with an unnecessary interface.
>  My camera records images into a xyzYMMDD directory structure,
>  so I change xyz to 200 .. and run a script over them that simply
>  runs exiffile -t against every image (it touches the file to match
>  its time/date stamp with the EXIF creation date).
>  I create new directories every 4GB (it used to be every 650MB) so
>  that I can archive to DVD and it all lives under my ./pictures
>  structure.
>  And then I run KimDaBa and it picks up the new images.

I do exactly the same as you except that I run gphoto2 to get my images
using PTP directly from the camera, and "jhead -n -autorot *" to
rename/rotate images according to exif informations.
Then I run kimdaba and it rocks :)

This short and not-so-interesting mail gives me the opportunity to thank
Jesper and all those who help developing the killer-app in the image
management software aera.
I currently manage more than 5000 pictures with as much pain as "click
click click and watch" :)

Besides, I was wondering if you thought about developing a feature to
send directly the images to an online printing service ( such as
photoways or pixdiscount), and try to get a partnership with them ? It
seems to me that Gallery has done such a thing. It could be worth it for
developers and users ( sending pictures to these services is often a
boring task under linux because of the lack of support and dedicated

Once again, thanks a lot !

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