[KimDaBa] panorama

jedd jedd at progsoc.org
Fri Oct 22 09:32:28 BST 2004

On Fri, 22 Oct 2004 04:45 pm, Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
 ] I would be very gracefull if someone could compile a feature list for panorama 
 ] feature for me.

 Previous hunts have revealed precious little on the *nix platform.

 Hugin is, as stated, a front-end to the panotools .. which apparently are
 very good, just suffer a woeful native interface.  Hugin, judging by the
 tutorial for using it, is a superb and sexy and wonderful interface ..
 but even after you get thru the thrill of compiling the sucker, it will
 happily let you spend a half hour lining up all your common points to
 connect the photos together, and then produce a zero-byte output.

 Oh, and it randomly and frequently crashes.

 Apart from that it's a great program (judging, as I say, by the screenshots
 on their web site).

 ] I'd like to get that into kimdaba in the near future, but am unsure about what 
 ] to do about it.

 It's a Big Thing, you know.  The changes in colours and intensities are
 the easy bit .. (and they're not that easy).  It's the parallax problems,
 and having to twist and/or tilt some images to get them to line up, but
 somehow avoiding the domino effect with the rest of the pics in the set.

 Your best bet would probably be the panotools / hugin codebase, though,
 and see if you're still interested in it once you've gone through the fun
 experience of those tools.

 I typically use a win2k-in-vmware session to crank up PhotoStitch.
 I read somewhere recently that MS has just put out their own panorama
 tool that looks pretty decent - you don't have to work in one dimension
 (like so many tools limit you to) or with photos that are the same size
 (ditto) .. which makes it sound like a Hugin that works.


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