[KimDaBa] panorama

Daniel Berger daniberger at gmx.ch
Fri Oct 22 09:56:10 BST 2004

>  Hugin is, as stated, a front-end to the panotools .. which apparently are
>  very good, just suffer a woeful native interface.  Hugin, judging by the
>  tutorial for using it, is a superb and sexy and wonderful interface ..
>  but even after you get thru the thrill of compiling the sucker, it will
>  happily let you spend a half hour lining up all your common points to
>  connect the photos together, and then produce a zero-byte output.


>  Oh, and it randomly and frequently crashes.

exactly, and mor frequently than randomly :-(

>  Apart from that it's a great program (judging, as I say, by the screenshots
>  on their web site).

Just look at the results, which some where able to produce with it:

>  Your best bet would probably be the panotools / hugin codebase, though,
>  and see if you're still interested in it once you've gone through the fun
>  experience of those tools.


>  I typically use a win2k-in-vmware session to crank up PhotoStitch.

I used http://www.panoramafactory.com/ back on my Windowsdays.

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