[KimDaBa] quick tagging and image viewing.

Daniel Berger daniberger at gmx.ch
Thu Oct 21 08:53:54 BST 2004

> Firstly I would expect to select the first image in the filter, and then be 
> able to scroll through it using the 'page up' and 'page down' buttons, 
> however, I need to select all the images to be able to do this.  To me it 
> woudl make sense to deault to the 'all images' selected when the first image 
> is open.

Thats exaclty what I want to have too (This is like Kuickshow).
If I only could code KDE.
I even looked at the source, but did not find the right piece of code.

> Country
> Region
> Location
> Keywords
> Sport
> Event
> Folder
> Instead of the alphabetical manner that I have at the moment.

You can drag them around with the small block on top of the group.
Even to own windows, if you drag one out of a window.

> And finally... (sorry to add so many things to the list), is there a way to 
> order a view by date and time?  The images seem to be ordered in a strange 
> way at the moment - maybe I've just not set the time correctly.  I realise 
> that I can re-order images at will, but this is a pain, and if I have, I 
> would still like to be able to automagically re-order the images.

That would be a nice feature. I think the following list would make sense.

- sort by kimdaba-datetime (exif/file)
- sort by exif-datetime
- sort by file-datetime
- sort by name
- sort by size
- reverse order
* readmybrain: sort by howIwantit

I would need the last entry, when I have images from 3 photographers
from the same event :-) But this would be possible trough the datetime
sorting, if all 3 cams have the correct time set.


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