[KimDaBa] quick tagging and image viewing.

William Holland will at willholland.co.uk
Wed Oct 20 20:15:26 BST 2004


I've just been looking through a selection of Images I've just added to 
kimdaba, and there seems to be a slightly illogical way of doing this.

Firstly I would expect to select the first image in the filter, and then be 
able to scroll through it using the 'page up' and 'page down' buttons, 
however, I need to select all the images to be able to do this.  To me it 
woudl make sense to deault to the 'all images' selected when the first image 
is open.

Secondly, as I look through the images I would like to be able to tag them in 
an 'ultra quick way' eg typing 't' or something, so that I can select the 
tagged ones later, and then perform some operation (setting key words, or in 
my case emailing them)

Are there any plans for either of the above?

Also,  I tag images with full addresses often (as I have about 600 locations, 
it is useful to be able to filter by country and then town, to narrow it down 
a bit) - sorry, but the member groups doesn't really help me here - I still 
have to load all the images.  Anyway back to my request, I would like to be 
able to order the 'Option Groups' in the main window...  So I could have 
something like 






Instead of the alphabetical manner that I have at the moment.

Also, Is there a 'unlimit view to marked'?

And finally... (sorry to add so many things to the list), is there a way to 
order a view by date and time?  The images seem to be ordered in a strange 
way at the moment - maybe I've just not set the time correctly.  I realise 
that I can re-order images at will, but this is a pain, and if I have, I 
would still like to be able to automagically re-order the images.

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