[KimDaBa] KimDaBa suggestions

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Mon May 17 10:04:00 BST 2004

On Thursday 13 May 2004 05:54, Thomas Harning Jr. wrote:
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| Here's some suggestions that I think would be great:
| 1) Ability to regorganize the actual file locations while viewing
| attributes about them to help guide organization [would be easier than
| simply using a file browser and looking at kimdaba to find the file from
| the status bar location and opening the image up to find out its
| attributes]
I'm still considering making it possible to specify path for images when 
searching, and if I go down that path, displaying the path for images seems 
like an obvious extension.

| 2) Alternative image/thumbnail displaying, ex:
| 	a) File path viewing as a list with columns for attributes
| 	b) Thumbnails in a list w/ attributes
| 	c) Customizable attribute display instead of simply filename
| 	d) The 'film' view used by WinXP and FLPhoto, with a set of thumbnails at
| the bottom and a nice big frame for the active thumbnail above.
This is far from getting working with Qt. It tool me several days to be able 
to display the browser (persons/keywords/etc) in a listview in addition to a 
iconview. So given how hard this is, I dont see that we would gain much from 
having these additional views.

| 3) Other data formats such as videos with the thumbnail set to some image
| in the clip (perhaps the first, a random one, or a preset one through user
| customization)  and the ability to load as usual.  Another suggestion for
| alternate data formats would be to add extensions to the list to be
| processes [if thats how kimDaBa works.. not sure of its method of
| filtering)
Making KimDaBa a general resource database has been discussed a few times. My 
digital camera can, however, just make max 30sec 300x200 clips, so they are 
really worthless. Buy me a camera that can do > 1h in >600x480, and I'm sure 
I'll consider adding support for videos very fast ;-)
| I hope these things would be added in, as they'd be great.  If there's any
| apps out there that do this and sorta what KimDaBa does.. I'd like to know.
| But would rather stick with KimDaBa since it's great and I'v invested
| organization time in my database.
| Oh, separate databases that are simple to work with would also be nice
| [instead of making it difficult to try to use more than one].
I'm not sure I understood that suggestion.


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