[KimDaBa] Import data

BOUCHARD Olivier BOUCHAOL at cial.cic.fr
Mon Mar 29 07:28:22 BST 2004

hi u all

Now it's OK for me :-))
I could use the database behind the initial software, wich was an .mdb file.
And so I could generate a line/record for each file, with KimDaBa format using dates, title and description
<image monthFrom="0" dayFrom="0" yearTo="0" monthTo="0" md5sum="" file="1939/E 066.jpg" label="" angle="0" dayTo="0" yearfrom="0" description="enveloppe Avant guerre St lo 1938-39 Beauvais 8/10/39 " /> 

I got pb with special caracters : & ; é or è 
and the \ of paths => solved by edit/replace in the original datas

thx & bye

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