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David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Fri Mar 26 11:49:18 GMT 2004


First of all thanks, Jesper and others for KImdaba. What a great
My sister visited my house and said "Wow, I need to get that."
Unfortunately she runs Windows, so its a bit complex to get her to use
KImdaba (and she can't change it its not her machine).
So I decided to do something I've been wanting to do for a while - write
a cross-platform program like KImdaba, using Python and wxPython.

So far I have made it so it can read in a KImdaba index.xml and display
the images, using a similar kind of interface (though slightly different).
You can filter things just like you can in KImdaba, but there's no
support for dates yet.

Also I have added a slideshow feature which lets you view all the
current filtered images in a fullscreen slideshow. (though for some
reason this is now crashing with wxGTK, but not wxMSW)
And I have added a "Run command" feature which lets you run a command on
all the current filtered images.
For example, you can Run "eog" on Linux and it will open all the current
pictures in eog, or similarly in gthumb (another nice way to do a slideshow)

Note that this is very preliminary code, and could use much improvement!

Anyway I am writing to see if anyone else is interested in this, maybe I
will start a project on sourceforge if they are...
Since the code is very small (491 lines total) I have attached a zip
file of it.
This requires Python 2.3, wxPython 2.4 and elementtree 1.1 (from effbot.org)
If anyone wants to see a screenshot there is one at
http://davidf.sjsoft.com/files/pyimdaba-0.0.1-mainwindow.jpg (too big to
post to list)


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