[KimDaBa] Proposal for branch project

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach at wp.pl
Sat Mar 20 10:50:46 GMT 2004

Dnia sob 20. marca 2004 05:27, Jody Harris napisaƂ:
> KSoDaBa  -- the K Sound Database
> So, the kids and I shot a little video of "a monster" attacking a
> village.  15 seconds.  What it needs is sound effects.  So, off to
> Google I go, and I locate several thousand free sound effects.
> Problem: I have no way to organize them and track them for when I need
> them.

> Just thinking out loud.  Maybe I'll take the principles I've learned
> from KimDaBa and being on this list and write a Sound Database for the
> web.... now there's a thought....

Really interesting concept. What changes would require changing media 
from images to sounds?

Also what extensions would be possible and useful in future? Video 
clips, txt files. Isn't it going to far and should be done on lower 
level (file system, gnome-proposed storage)?


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