[KimDaBa] Proposal for branch project

Jody Harris havoc at harrisdev.com
Sat Mar 20 04:27:13 GMT 2004

Jesper, don't reply to this immediately.  Let it "set on your brain" for 
a week or so, then let me know your thoughts.

It's sounds completely "whacked" on first blanch, but...

KSoDaBa  -- the K Sound Database

So, the kids and I shot a little video of "a monster" attacking a 
village.  15 seconds.  What it needs is sound effects.  So, off to 
Google I go, and I locate several thousand free sound effects.

Problem: I have no way to organize them and track them for when I need them.

Then, it occurs to me, "If I could mangle KimDaBa into a Sound Database, 
I'd be set!"

Just thinking out loud.  Maybe I'll take the principles I've learned 
from KimDaBa and being on this list and write a Sound Database for the 
web.... now there's a thought....

Happy Spring, everyone!

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