[KimDaBa] Meta-data for files (Was: Proposal for branch project)

jedd jedd at progsoc.org
Sun Mar 21 11:01:12 GMT 2004

On Sat March 20 2004 09:50 pm, Mikolaj Machowski wrote:
 ] Dnia sob 20. marca 2004 05:27, Jody Harris napisaƂ:
 ] > Just thinking out loud.  Maybe I'll take the principles I've learned
 ] > from KimDaBa and being on this list and write a Sound Database for the
 ] > web.... now there's a thought....

 ] Also what extensions would be possible and useful in future? Video 
 ] clips, txt files. Isn't it going to far and should be done on lower 
 ] level (file system, gnome-proposed storage)?

 I tend to think that's a file-system issue.

 So does Microsoft.  Which isn't really very interesting - you can
 imagine they'd think everything falls under their control & influence
 (you can have adverts pop-up for the new version of Office whenever
 you search your file system for a document).

 Turning the FS into a DB was due for the next release of MS's OS, but
 seemingly it's been put on hold for a while.  (The theoretical operation
 was that the existing FS would be a 'plugin' to the new OS, and the
 default FS would actually be a SQL DB.)

 What's more interesting is that Hans Reiser thinks this way too, and
 he wrote a superb white paper on the subject a while back.


 When that happens is anyone's guess, but it's still a really well-written
 and interesting discussion paper.

 v4 of reiserfs is due RSN, but won't include this kind of functionality,
 as I understand it, but will include a plug-in capability .. and we may
 see this kind of thing coming out under that architecture sometime later.

 To answer the earlier question -- you could presumably rip out the
 image aspects of KimDaBa and try to replace them with audio or
 AV or Document equivalents, but audio files don't lend themselves
 to thumbnails.  AV stuff does.  Text documents don't.

 Have fun.   ; )


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