[KimDaBa] poll: Do you use partial dates (Everybody answer please)

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Sat Mar 20 12:10:37 GMT 2004


I'd like to get some input from you all, so I'd be very happy if you all would 
just hit the reply button (and ensure the mail only goes to me - not to the 

In week 16 I've taken the week of to work on KimDaBa, and one thing I'll work 
on is the image configure dialog, for that work I have a bunch of questions:

How Many images do you have in KimDaBa: 
How large a percentage of your images are scanned in: 
In KimDaBa it is possible to specify a partial date, e.g. this picture is from 
1985 (in contract to this images is from 11/7-1985). 
Is this a feature you use: 


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