[KimDaBa] poll: Do you use partial dates (Everybody answer please)

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach at wp.pl
Sat Mar 20 14:13:02 GMT 2004

Dnia sob 20. marca 2004 13:10, Jesper K. Pedersen napisaƂ:
> How Many images do you have in KimDaBa:

Currently only 250, but still in migration. Better tools for importing 
of images would help :)

> How large a percentage of your images are scanned in:

Ca. 15% (mainly because I am scanning for later printing and need high 
quality scans - BIG images, have to burn them almost instantly to save 
disk space).

> In KimDaBa it is possible to specify a partial date, e.g. this picture is
> from 1985 (in contract to this images is from 11/7-1985).
> Is this a feature you use:

Hmm. Not sure if I understand, but I suppose that feature would be 
interesting for importing old holiday pictures.


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