[KimDaBa] Comments about latest kimdaba CVS

Rafael Beccar rafabeccar at speedy.com.ar
Sat Mar 20 01:12:22 GMT 2004

Hi Jesper and everybody,

I compiled kimdaba from CVS today without any problem. The thumbnails look 
great now, the browser looks a lot more elegant now with the word categories 
instead of images, and the sorting options are very useful.
However, I have a couple of comments:

- When I want to sort a category (e.g. persons) alphabetically the other 
categories (e.g. locations, keywords) are sorted alphabetically as well. I 
like this, but then we don't need to have sorting buttons in every category. 
I think we might have a toolbar at the top of the dialog with the two sorting 
buttons and some logical buttons ( &  |  ! ).

- Personally, I disagree with the replacement of "none" with "no persons", "no 
keyword", etc, because it makes the label too large and not so elegant in 
some cases. For example: the Spanish translation for "no keyword" has 18 
characters ("sin palabras clave") while the translation of "none" has only 7 
characters ("ninguno"). And it could became longer for extra categories with 
long names. So, I really like better the original kimdaba format that used 
the word "none" for every category.

This is from an old one:
- In the "delete images" dialog the user has two choices: "Delete images from 
disk and database" and "Block from database". The problem is that it is 
possible to choose both options simultaneously. If somebody wants to block an 
image from the database but forget to uncheck  "Delete images from disk and 
database" the images will be erased from disk !

Best Regards,

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