[KimDaBa] Comments about latest kimdaba CVS

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Sat Mar 20 13:43:55 GMT 2004

On Saturday 20 March 2004 02:12, Rafael Beccar wrote:
| - When I want to sort a category (e.g. persons) alphabetically the other
| categories (e.g. locations, keywords) are sorted alphabetically as well. I
| like this, but then we don't need to have sorting buttons in every
| category. I think we might have a toolbar at the top of the dialog with the
| two sorting buttons and some logical buttons ( &  |  ! ).
I'll consider this when going over the whole image configure window in week 16 
(aka kimdaba week - I've taken this week of for kimdaba work)

| - Personally, I disagree with the replacement of "none" with "no persons",
| "no keyword", etc, because it makes the label too large and not so elegant
| in some cases. For example: the Spanish translation for "no keyword" has 18
| characters ("sin palabras clave") while the translation of "none" has only
| 7 characters ("ninguno"). And it could became longer for extra categories
| with long names. So, I really like better the original kimdaba format that
| used the word "none" for every category.
hmm, I'm indifferent on this issue, someone suggested the change, and I was 
just following the crow, what does someone else think?

| This is from an old one:
| - In the "delete images" dialog the user has two choices: "Delete images
| from disk and database" and "Block from database". The problem is that it
| is possible to choose both options simultaneously. If somebody wants to
| block an image from the database but forget to uncheck  "Delete images from
| disk and database" the images will be erased from disk !
I'm not sure I understand you what do you want to have change in that dialog?


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