[KimDaBa] Re: RMB for sorting

Reimar Imhof Reimar.Imhof at netCologne.de
Mon Mar 15 21:47:07 GMT 2004

Hi Jesper,

at the moment I just don't find the time to do something at KimDaBa.

If you find some time to improve what I've done, I'll be happy.

I'll now answer your questions.

Am Sonntag, 14. März 2004 15:13 schrieb Jesper K. Pedersen:
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> Hi Reimar, did you ever see this mail?
> Cheers
> Jesper
I wanted to take some time to answer. Now I try to do it quickly...

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> Subject: Re: [KimDaBa] KimDaBa 1.1 is released
> Date: Wednesday 10 March 2004 22:58
> From: "Jesper K. Pedersen" <blackie at blackie.dk>
> To: Reimar Imhof <Reimar.Imhof at netCologne.de>
> Cc: kimdaba at klaralvdalens-datakonsult.se
> First of all, let me point out that the patch is really nice, I only have a
> few minor things I'd like you to fix (If you prefer I can do it myself).
> > to make "thinking" a little easier:
> >
> > I've been working on alphabetic sorting. I've added two menu entries to
> > the context menu in the properties/search dialog. There you can say sort
> > by usage or sort by alphabet.
> > If you try to open the context menu without pointing to an entry, you now
> > get a smaller context menu just with the sorting entries.
> I'd rather have the item disabled, than not showing up.
> Not seeing them, might make users wonder where it was he found them, while
> having them disabled, makes him realize that they are not available.
If it fits better into KimDaBa, okay!
> > The sort propertie is not put to the index.xml file yet. The point is,
> > I'd like to have it with the window config and I just didn't know how to
> > do it.
> I wonder if it really should be per category
> Did you have a design idea behind that?
> isn't that just over configurability?
I think you're right. There is just one simple reason:
I just was happy that I got it the way I've done it: It was the first time I 
was working an a linux/KDE program. So I'm quite happy with it.
Okay, I didn't know how to have the context menu in one list box and inform 
the other listboxes to change as well. For me this over configurable version 
was just the easiest way to implement it!
> If not, I'd rather see it just one over all option.
> Someone suggested two icons next to the listbox, which might be a good
> idea. one looking like a letter (for alphabetically), and one looking like
> a date book (for usage).
> Maybe you could include that too.
If I'm right, it was me who wrote about two icons.
It's just the same thing like mentioned above: I was glade to make it run like 
I did it. Thats all!

By for this evening and hoping there is not to much work left for sorting,

> Kind Regards
> Jesper.
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