[KimDaBa] small patch to improve picture quality

Reimar Imhof Reimar.Imhof at netCologne.de
Sun Mar 7 18:42:52 GMT 2004

Hello Jesper, hello people,

I had a look at how KimDaBa does scale images because I wasn't happy with the 
quality of some thumbnails, tool tips, the html output and the slide show.
I've seen, it uses scale in some places and smoothScale Qt-function in other 

My change is simple but I like it:
I found three occurrences of "scale". I changed these to smoothScale. Now I 
get much better thumbnails and tool tips (ctrl t); the show picture 
(invoked by letter i) function (including slide show) now shows nice 
picture quality, and the html output looks great.
To get the new thumb nails, tool tips and html images just remove the 
existing thumb nails directory to make KimDaBa rebuild these with the 
smoothScale function.

Jesper, could you please integrate my changes into your next snapshot?!

Thanks a lot.


PS.: Like I did with my sorting changes, I supply a diff file and the two 
modified files (all based on KimDaBa version 1.1).

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