[KimDaBa] Size of preview and closing of preview window.

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Tue Mar 2 20:43:20 GMT 2004

Mikolaj Machowski <mikmach at wp.pl> writes:

| Dnia Tuesday 02 of March 2004 15:08, Jesper K. Pedersen napisaƂ:
| > | Thumbnail in main window quality:
| > | 	How Kimdaba creates thumbnails for main window? They have lower
| > | 	quality than image previews in Konqueror which is rather strange.
| >
| > Thanks for telling me, I'm really bad at seeing such things.
| > Now I'm using a better scaling algorithm from Qt.
| >
| Also thumbnails in file-tooltips has crappy quality.
that should also have been fixed.

| > | Size of thumbnails in main window:
| > | 	Please make it like icons in Konq... Also file-tooltips would be
| > | 	great.
| >
| > The size is configurable, I'm not sure what you want more.
| >
| Buttons to zoom in. Having small thumbnails has sense when there is 100
| images at once. But when number of images is reduced to eg. 5 having
| them very small has no sense. It would be sensible to make them
| larger/smaller on demand, not through configuration settings.
hmmm, I'll think about it.

| > | Import with keyword:
| > | 	This is the feature I miss much (or cannot find it). I would like to
| > | 	point folder and order: import all image files (*.png, *.gif, *.tiff
| > | 	- standard KFileDialog is all you need) with keywords: xxxx, yyyy.
| > | 	'OK' trick is nice but IMO slightly immature.
| >
| > I'm afraid I don't understand the above.
| OK. Importing images to Kimdaba isn't easy. One day before I send OP,
| tried to import few images. Copied them to ~/Images and tried to find
| them through 'Date'. Hopeless. Much easier would be:
| File->Import...
| KFileDialog, choose images, after hitting OK, appears new dialog. Set
| keywords for this import. Now I can relatively easy find these images
| later or immediately 'describe' them.
I think you miss the point of how KimDaBa stored images, you can have sub
folders etc. Only requirement is that all images have a common root.
That on the other hand is the reason why there is no import. 
KimDaBa finds new images itself.

| Also, how I can export images? Call external browser? Hmm.
Well you can generate HTML, but copy a selection out of KimDaBa is
currently not possible, with the upcomming plugin structure I anticipate
that it will be possible in the future.

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