[KimDaBa] Thought for your "3 minute tour"

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Wed Feb 25 09:11:14 GMT 2004

Jody Harris <havoc at harrisdev.com> writes:

| Jesper,
| I finally got around to dumping the last batch of pics from my camera, and
| the urge to upgrade to 1.1 could no longer be resisted.  When I got to the
| site, I glanced at your "3 minute tour," and I thought I'd show you the
| "tour" I've set up for the RealizationEngine:
| http://www.realizationsystems.com/tour.shtml
| I took the screen shots and ran them through Macromedia Fireworks to create
| the slices and label each item.  Then, I applied the "Vignette" script
| which I found out there somewhere and highly tweaked for flexibility.
| Mousing over each item pops up a window describing the item and the purpose
| plus any notes of interest.
Looks indeed very nice.
I'm afraid I'd rather spent my time on KimDaBa development, rather than on
polishing web pages.
Would that be a job you would be interested in taking over?

| P.S. My offer for the RealizationEngine to you still stands.  In fact, I'd
| host an RE for this discussion at no cost, if you're interested.
You are referring to the discussion on a common plugin system, right?

Thanks for the offer, but the other involved parties seems to want to stay
with a mailing list.


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