[KimDaBa] Thought for your "3 minute tour"

Jody Harris havoc at harrisdev.com
Wed Feb 25 05:47:08 GMT 2004


I finally got around to dumping the last batch of pics from my camera, 
and the urge to upgrade to 1.1 could no longer be resisted.  When I got 
to the site, I glanced at your "3 minute tour," and I thought I'd show 
you the "tour" I've set up for the RealizationEngine:

I took the screen shots and ran them through Macromedia Fireworks to 
create the slices and label each item.  Then, I applied the "Vignette" 
script which I found out there somewhere and highly tweaked for 
flexibility.  Mousing over each item pops up a window describing the 
item and the purpose plus any notes of interest.


P.S. My offer for the RealizationEngine to you still stands.  In fact, 
I'd host an RE for this discussion at no cost, if you're interested.
http://www.RealizationSystems.com/ -- start communicating
http://www.GalacticSlacker.com/ -- read it and weep
http://www.NMPerspective.com/ -- a Southwest Perspective

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