[KimDaBa] KimDaBa 1.1 is released

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Tue Feb 17 08:32:20 GMT 2004

Reimar Imhof <Reimar.Imhof at netCologne.de> writes:

| Am Montag, 16. Februar 2004 08:53 schrieb Jesper K. Pedersen:
| >
| > | The improvement idea:
| > | When I'm in the properties or search dialog I've got a lot of entries in
| > | some categories. I'd like the idea to have the entries sorted (for
| > | example, if you have 10 or more persons in the list, it's no fun
| > | selecting persons. If the lists were sorted, selection will be easy).
| >
| > They are indeed sorted, by most recent used.
| > The normal usage is to type the first few letters of a name until you've
| > found the person.
| >
| Hello Jesper,
| today I tried to select multiple entries from one of the list boxes by typing 
| some letters. That way I wasn't able to select multiple entries from the list 
| (I tried it in the search dialog).
To search for Jesper and Anne Helene, type
Jesper is completed
type &
It says Jesper&
type An
It says Jesper & Anne Helene.

I do agree that this is not too obvious and for the next release a message
box will tell you when you enter the dialog.

| Here come's the second version of my proposal:
| You like your kind of sorting. To me (perhaps to other users as well) it's not 
| that obvious and perhaps not that straight forward.
| So what about asking the user how to sort? I could think of several ways to do 
| so:
| Let's have a context menu for sorting, available at each list box (momentarily 
| it offers renaming, etc. for an selected item; it could have some sorting 
| entries as well): "sort by most recent use", "sort by name".
| Alternatively you could have a sort toggle button near every list box. One 
| state is for "sort by most recent use" (showing an calendar icon), the other 
| one is "sort by name" (showing a letter).
| Or you could have both.
| You also could integrate the way of sorting into to kimdaba config dialog 
| where you define the picture categories.
| I'd like the idea to have different ways to configure sorting and to save this 
| info with the kimdaba index.xml file.
| Is this something you could think about?
Yeah I'll think about it ;-)
Seriously, I'll put this on the TODO list, and see when time permits.
I do agree that from time to time sorting alph. could be useful.


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