[KimDaBa] Wishes, bugs, or both .. and a bit of EXIF

Achim Bohnet ach at mpe.mpg.de
Mon Feb 16 10:58:55 GMT 2004

On Monday 16 February 2004 09:34, Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
> jedd <jedd at progsoc.org> writes:
> |  Howdi,
> | 
> |  Firstly, Jesper, thanks for a superb program.  I'm still in the experimental
> |  part of the process with kimdaba, so some of the following issues are
> |  quite likely to be things that I just don't understand yet.
> | 
> |  Debian (unstable) package
> |  I think this is slightly borked -- it has a reliance on components of KDE 3.2
> |  which aren't in the unstable branch of Debian .. yet.  I think 3.2's schedule
> |  to be in Debian-unstable within a fortnight.
> I'll leave this for Achim to answer.

That's all I could do right now.  I've no running pbuilder yet
to create clean sid build.  You'll find sources and diffs at
the same location as my .debs.   Feel free to create a pkgagainst
KDE 3.1.5 and post it here.

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