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Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Mon Feb 16 08:57:07 GMT 2004

This does indeed look very interesting.

I'd like to see this in KimDaBa in some way, but we have to ensure a way
that allows my gransma with a Internet exploder 0.1pre-alpha-blip-blop to
see my images - of course without your fancy indexing etc, but still see
them. A simple solution could of course be a welcome page without any java
script or anything, which links to two different versions.

I'm quite busy currently with non-KimDaBa stuff, and the KimDaBa time I
have I'd like to focus on a plug in structure.

Thus please allow me in the order of magnitude a month before getting back
to you to discuss integration in KimDaBa.

Also please discuss with Torben Menke <torben_menke at hotpop.com> if there
are any possibilities for coorporation between you. In a private mail a
month ago he send me some PHP code to do a similar task.

Kind Regards

Jean-Michel FAYARD <boulot.dodo at laposte.net> writes:

| Le 14-02-2004, Jesper K. Pedersen <blackie at kde.org> a écrit :
| > Jean-Michel FAYARD <boulot.dodo at laposte.net> writes:
| >
| >| If you want a better entry point, see 
| >| http://www.stud.uni-karlsruhe.de/~upaxe/Kimdaba.html
| > I'm afraid I can't see the images, my konqueror all the time claims that it
| > searches for the files on my local disk.
| I think I've fixed this.
| I did a lot of progress since my last mail, including search, groups,
| and lot of bugfixes
| Well in fact, it works quite well on my computer.
| The problem I am aware is that it does not work on older release of
| Konqueror than mine,
| but it's very difficult to track because it works with my version of
| Konqueror, and those
| version had a bad support for DOM and didn't have a javascript console
| to help to solve this.
| I will try to solve this later.
| So, if anybody wants to give it a try, here is how to do that :
| In KimDaBa, export your pictures you want as HTML in a folder <foo>
| Go to <foo>
| You can delete all *html files if you want, you don't need them
| decompress the .tar which is here : http://www.stud.uni-karlsruhe.de/~upaxe/jmf.tar
| Then, you must have a XSLT processor (I use xsltproc) to generate two
| files, like this :
| xsltproc search.xsl <kimdaba_folder>/index.xml > Search.html
| xsltproc images.xsl <kimdaba_folder>/index.xml > a.js
| If you don't have a XSLT processor and don't want to install one, it's
| better to launch the demo from KimDaBa and to export all pictures from
| here.  The two files you need for those pictures are already included.
| Now, I need someone with artistic talents to make it look better,
| and I am waiting for your comments.
| -- 
| Le bonjour chez vous
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