[KimDaBa] Questions about kimdaba

Jean-Michel FAYARD boulot.dodo at laposte.net
Tue Feb 3 19:19:17 GMT 2004

Hello again.
I m puzzled by one or two small things :

* What is the difference between 
	Images > View selected
	Images > View selected in new window
    It seems to do the same for me, but maybe IÂm missing something obvious

* When doing a search, when does the category browser appears, and when
    does it not ?
    IÂm asking this, after reading the fair concerns of Rafael Beccar
    here http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.kde.kimdaba/174
    who wants to have an easy way to launch the slidedhow on all images
    and what you wrote in the TODO list :

	- I really would like to do something with pictures found with image search. 
	E.g., I want to send them by email, but before I have to reduce them in size. 
	Therefore, most helpful would be (with decreasing importance):
	    - copy to directory
	    - move to directory (incl. thumbnails and updating the database)
	    - create ascii list of path/filenames (this would allow making batch
	- export/import of selection - thus make it possible to share part of
	KimDaBa databases 

    Here is an idea on how to handle that :
    Add an >>Actions<< entry in the Category browser, alongside with >>Date<< and 
    >>Search<< we have now.
    If I clik on >>Actions<<, the browser shows many items like
    >>Slideshow<< or the actions I extracted from the TODO list.

    >>Generate HTML<< could also go here, as well as 
    >>Mark current view as lock<< and its browser 
    >>Mark all but current view as lock<<

    What do you thing of my idea ?

    A condition for this to work is that the category browser appears
    always after a search. This is currently not always the case, depending I
    guess on how much pictures/persons/... you have, but I didnÂt found
    a general rule.
    (PS: After another reading, mmmh, itÂs perhaps too complicated, an >>Actions<< menu could
    probably do the same.) 

* A little thing for improving usability :
    Say I want to add some infos about the persons present in a photo.
    Usually, I do this very quickly thanks the thumbmais, I can select
    all photo where a specific person is present.
    For the rest, I must see the whole picture. So, I select them and
    press V, then Ctrl-1.
    Then, i have to quit the <<image configuration>> panel, press next,
    then Ctrl-1 again.

    It would be great if the previous/next buttons could be used from
    the <<image configuration>> panel, just like I can use it if I
    press Ctrl-1 from the main panel, only that the image in the viewer
    would be updated as well.

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